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beakers2The Experimental Learning Center is the part of the physical learning commons where the professional development and experimentation of the school is happening. It is a place where both adults and students are trying out new ideas, techniques, strategies, initiatives, and other ideas before they are implemented across the school. Some schools have adjoining rooms to the learning commons where these kinds of activities happen. In others, the experimental learning activities are just a part of the mix of the many things going on in the physical space.

We have collected here a few articles but refer the user to the Staffing part of the gallery where other articles cover similar ideas. In particular, look there for the student staffing ideas.

Please add your ideas, examples, articles, or other valuable resources at the bottom of this page or on the blog.


  • Sheila Cooper-Simon exhibits the  characteristic of constant experimentation and rethinking of everything she does and she trusts the student’s voice as she does so.
    Sheila Cooper-Simon
  • Jessica Johnson speaks up for the administrator as Leading Learner who is constantly thinking and rethinking what needs to happen  at:
  • Teacher librarians in Greater Essex County District School Board, Canada conducted Collaborative Inquiry Projects with their teaching partners around strategies and technologies they have experimented with in the Learning Commons.
  • Follow the action research journey of  5 creative Secondary teacher librarians in Waterloo Region District School Board, Canada, who documented experimentation with inquiry projects as Knowledge Building Centers – TL Peeps WRDSB – Start with the teaser Prezi!

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One comment on “Experimental Learning Center

  1. I am curious, and I didn’t see a real discussion of it here, of how to get teachers collaborating in the experimental learning center. It is hard to get teachers out of their classrooms, and even harder to get them out of their buildings. I’m theorizing that the message might be that the main experimental learning center is virtual. The physical ELC exists to support and provide resources for the collaboration that happens online.
    Shannon Greene LIBR233 SP14

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