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Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 12.48.39 PMWhat configurations of computers and other technologies work best in a learning commons environment? We have created a picture gallery where you can comment about what you like and don’t like about various ideas out there as schools experiment in transforming technology from a few computers to a computer lab, to a variety of devices for “loan” in the learning commons, and on to 1:1 initiatives. Please add your own experiences, resources, and comments at the bottom of this page or in the blog.


  • David V. Loertscher describes the contribution that a maker space can have in the learning commons.
    David V. Loertscher
  • Gary Stager describes the movement of adding maker spaces in school.  Don’t miss the video of a young girl here.
  • Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson describe how a space for video production can contribute to teaching and learning across the school.
    Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson
  • For information on wireless networks. We trust the following company; you might suggest others you trust:

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4 comments on “Computers and Other Technologies

  1. Regarding computer configurations in learning and maker spaces, I think a decision must be made on a library space to library space basis what is most important – larger screens or mobility. In areas where viewing or physical illustration/demonstration is to play the most integral role, traditional (but sleek flat panel) computers/displays should be used. However, in library spaces where students and teachers perform more individualized or independent work (even if to work collaboratively on projects), mobility, and thus smaller devices, should be used.

  2. Good points, Vaughn. As the prices on mobile devices drop, I can see more of the tablet bins and docks being integral in school library and learning comons spaces. I also like to see iPods and headphones available– both for audiobook listening and for checking out student-narrated audio tours. I read several years ago about the Penn-affiliated charter school in my old neighborhood in Philadelphia creating podcast audio tours of the enighborhood. A school learning commons can readily serve as a school’s tech epicenter as long as the “warehouse of broken devices” model is not prevalent.
    Rebecca Greco LIBR250 SP2014

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