logo_GettyImagesGallery_thmbThe Gallery is the place to read, view, sample, comment and contribute to a wide variety of subtopics in rooms of their own. Here we explore the idea of a very flexible learning space that adapts to learner needs rather than designed by adults they way they intend the space to be used. Thus, the various spaces can accommodate individuals, small groups, and large groups simultaneously; groups receiving formal instruction, groups exploring their own interests or projects, groups creating videos, maker spaces, performances, workshops, and whatever else is an extension of classroom  activities. It is a busy place from dawn until dark and beyond if possible. It is the most popular place in the school to learn, create, construct, and pursue both formal and informal learning. The quiet library and instructional computer lab with long rows of stationary computers is gone; replaced by a vibrant, busy, and popular center of learning, inquiry, and invention.

Note: While in the various rooms of the gallery, it is best to navigate by using the back button on your browser.

change thumbnail Transitioning to the Learning Commons


paint_small Architects and Design


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 12.54.38 PMFurniture and Spaces


collaborate_small Collaborative Community

staff_small Staffing


beakers_small Experimental Learning Center


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 12.48.39 PM Computers and Other Technologies

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projectsImage Credits: Many of the images of school library spaces and furnishings in this PLC Mooc were taken by David Loertscher. Others have been borrowed and contributed from our learning commons community.

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