Moveable shelves

As part of the gradual adoption of e-books, in conjunction with the rise of online reference sources, the library will require less shelf space. Having built-in shelving only against walls (where once were counters with desktops) and mobile shelving for the center or acting as islands will allow the library physical space to change easily and be re-configured. Laptops and tablets can be used at tables. All of the furniture could be stacked and put aside to make a performance space or increase capacity (author’s night, theater).

Instead of access to shelves, the access will be to digital content. In this capacity, the library functions as an environment that must be conducive to receiving electronic data (wifi-enabled, useful and well-considered educational programs and apps). Keeping the shelving portable gives new dimension to a remodeled space.

-Jono Jones

One comment on “Moveable shelves

  1. Hi Jono,
    I like your ideas for remodeling a library. Do you think that paper books will be obsolete one day soon?
    Jana Reveles

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