2 comments on “Robohand – Youtube embed test

  1. Watching this clip enabled me to understand the real value of 3D printing, which up to this point I hadn’t really considered and saw this technology as something that was cool, but not of any immediate value except to the person who was printing. The fact that two people can print the same object thousands of miles away from each other and then manipulate the piece and discuss it together in real time is amazing. I can now see the applications in so many fields — medicine, engineering/architecture, physical therapy, product design just to name a few. I’m still struggling with how this technology can be used in a Learning Commons for a Middle School (beyond a robotics club/class/program), but am beginning to imaging the opportunities for geometry class, art, and maybe even drama (for prop development). — Julia Chambers, MLIS student @ San Jose State

  2. This new technology is amazing. The implications are wide spread. I too am imagining the opportunities that could be created for students and their schools.
    Jana Reveles, SJSU, MLIS

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