Physical Learning Commons quickMOOC

Our Umbrella Question:

How can we transform a traditional school library and computer lab into a physical learning commons?

Is your school library a storage space; or, a vibrant learning space?

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During this experience you will be able to:

  • Chart your own path through this learning experience.
  • Get a quick overview of what a physical learning commons is and its changed function from a traditional school library and computer lab.
  • Develop questions you’d like to explore.
  • Visit the Gallery where there are lots of topical modules for you to explore, discuss, and contribute your own ideas. Each module contains articles, videos, and references so you can sample what you’d like.
  • At any time, you can visit the site blog for longer conversations with the author and others participating in this PLC QuickMOOC.
  • Having built your own understanding, you can proceed to the Workshop where you can create something yourself or with a group, or, you can exit the PLC QuickMOOC. You can also earn a badge or a certificate of professional development hours.
  • Complete the Big think about this experience.
  • Stay in this community as long as you like.



Spend a few hours with us in this participatory community and we can tackle that question together.

Let’s get started


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